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Contact Pete

 1997 SAAB 9000 AREO

  Pit Stop Pete - ADHD about Cars

My daily driver...

Bought this car from my son Jacob in January 2010. He bought the car two years before I did.

The manual shifting makes it fun to drive and has plenty of pep from the turbo.

The good and bad is that parts can be gotten, but it takes a day to get them.

Also, good internet support is a plus such as SAABNET and many others.

This full-boost engine garnered rave reviews; period advertising boasted, "The 5-speed Saab 9000 Aero will streak from 50 to 75 mph faster than a Ferrari Testarossa or a Porsche Carrera 4." Writing for Automobile magazine, David E. Davis summed up its performance with the following: "I look at the dry specifications I've written here and see that nowhere do they make your eyes pop the way the car does when you shift down to third and stand on it to pass somebody who thought he was driving pretty briskly. The 9000 Aero is an enthusiast's car, period. It has more capability than you need, but it's just what you've always wanted."

 Parts suppliers I use:

Goldwing recycled SAAB parts
Countryside SAAB parts
Worldwide Auto Parts