1962 Rambler Classic 400

 April 2016 - Pick up from New London, OH (Close to Columbus)...

Ohio owner bought the car from the state of Oregon. Drove the car back to New London, Ohio. ~2001

I bought the car after it was stiing for about 5 years or more... In 2013 I bought a 1963 Rambler American 440 hard top from this same person, The 63 American had been sitting for about 7 years from what I could guess. He had bought the 63 American 440 first prior to buying the 62 Classic. He may have quit driving the 63 American soon after 2001 when he bought the 62 Classic.

Engine turned over at first inpection but did not start. Owner had changed carberator to (labeled) UREMCO 10-1033 5-10-2014 presumably to troubleshoot getting the car runnig. After I got the car home I found 3 stuck exhaust valves and 5 bent push rods. Also the gas was bad.

Came with a few extra parts such as 2 heater cores, gauge cluster, old carerator and box of miscellaneous parts, recipts, book and owners manual.

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