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 1986 IZUSU Trooper II

  Pit Stop Pete - ADHD about Cars

Gone but not forgotten...

Bought the car on the cheap and had tons of fun with the 4 wheel drive.

It had a chipped rear differential gear when I bought it and the owner had removed the drive shaft so it was front wheel drive when in 4 wheel drive mode.

I went to the junk yard in Sullivan, WI to get a replacement set of rear gears. My son went with me and while in the junk yard complained of the bugs, heat and he had a headache.

I asked him to please stay and keep an eye on me while I removed the rear pumpkin from the donor IZUSU. I kind of kidded him a bit about not being able to hack it. "Be a man"!

On the way home we stopped for a milk shake and my son got sick.

We got home about 3:30 pm and by 5pm my wife took him to the after-hours clinic. The clinic told us to take him home and wait till Monday to see a doctor.

Long story short I took him to the emergency room about 10pm and found out he had Meningitis! A viral kind which is the good kind if there is a good kind. He spent a few days in the hospital and was fine afterwards.