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 1961 Ford Falcon (289ci AT)

  Pit Stop Pete - ADHD about Cars

Gone but not forgotten....

Two week before St Patrick's day...

I bought this car from Salt Lake City when my son was living there going to school. I used frequent flyer miles to get there and my son drove me around to look at the car.

Bought the car and was able to reduce the price  due to a for sale sign in the back window which was seven hundred less than he was asking on Crag's list.

Put on new tires, checked the brakes and wheel bearings, had to put in a heater core (yuck).

Started out going home in the early evening and made it as far as Rawlins Wyoming.

Got up the next morning and filled up with gas at the filling station. The lady at the check out said I was "about the happiest person she had seen so far that morning".

I did not know it was going to snow storm the whole day! A big snow storm!

Took me from 8am to 4pm (8hrs) to go from Rawlins, WY to the rest stop just before Sidney, NE, normally a 3.5 hour trip.

Three of us drove 35mph almost the whole way and finally got out of the storm just before a Rest Area at Sidney. My car was covered in ice except for my windshield wipers.

Big snow storm, bumpy, wind blowing and all the stuff you can think of in a winter storm.

The rest of the trip went without incident.
















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