1962 Rambler Classic 440

5.6 Cast Iron, 2 Door, Automatic push button, White with red interior.

Work So Far


- Car came with miscellaneous spare parts… Old carb, replacement gauge assembly (He said he saw it on eBay and bought it), spare heater core, old tail lights and other stuff.

- 67,xxx miles.

- Drain and clean the gas tank. The gas was very rancid. My neighbor asked what the smell was...

- Cleaned the gas tank with a chain and mineral spirits. Yes it had surface rust but no leaks...

- Installed a new tank gas pick up with filter and level sensor.

- Removed the engine head and freed up the 3 stuck valves, replaced all twelve push rods (5 bent) and installed new valve stem seals. Knurl in valve stems are very good condition. Completed a DIY valve job using a drill with    Velcro and grinding compound checking the valve seal with Engineer's Blue.

- Found it had a new carburetor UREMCO 10-1033 5-10-2014 (previous owner was trying to get the car running and bought a new carb)

- Previous owner gave me two heater cores… Had them both tested and were both good and installed the one the radiator guy suggested.

- Fought an automatic transmission leak. Replaced the rear trans seal and bearing, replaced (not new) speedometer cable and related O-rings at the transmission, removed toque tube to access the drive shaft to remove rear trans seal and replace gaskets accordingly for the torque tube.

-  For the Trans fluid leaking I found it was mostly from the pressure relief hole/filter in the top driver side. I adjusted the Trans shift pressure at the carburetor cable and installed a hose to the pressure relief hole so the hose would hold any overflow. This worked. (Trick from jeep guys who want to run their Jeep in deep water... The auto Trans needs venting above water).

- Cleaned and replaced the brakes.

- Replaced two wheel cylinders.

- Cleaned and took apart the trunnion assemblies. Made sure all grease area got grease.

- Replaced both tie-rod ends.

- Got front end alignment.

- New battery

- Bought new "used" tires. The original ones that came with the car were old and the front passenger tire developed a bulge. Not so safe.

- Installed Blue tooth radio with phone. Sorry I did cut the dash to make it fit. Looks good though. To bring it back to original I would have to buy a new radio chrome trim piece to mount the original radio.

- Installed two 4” kicker speakers up under the dash in the original speaker postion. Original dash look for the speaker.

- Installed Red seat belts to match the interior – Airplane style buckle.


- Replaced the hood latch with a new one... Fun to have a semi pass going the other on a two lane or go 70mph and have the hood pop up.... Safety latch did it'd job.

- Removed the padded dash. cleaned up the dash and painted it a nice red. Painted the trim metalic gray (Both dash and trim done with flatener) - Kept the framing for the padded dash and speaker covers

- Painted the rear pagage tray orignial white aand trim metalic gray.

- Installed a new (Origninal style) gas pump and auxiliary vacuum pump for the wipers. The problem was the gas was leaking into vacuum unit for the wipers.

- Had the generator rebuilt – Now have roller bearings and new brushes. No more oiling.

- Rebuilt the windshield wash motor. Cleaned gaskets and used Plumbers Grease (silicon grease) to lube the internal moving parts.

- Speedometer cable leaked Trans fluid at the dash (Coming home from Back to the Fifties) end so I removed cable and plunged transmission cable end.

No working speedometer at the moment.  Mileage stalled at is 71,xxx.


 - Drove & had fun...


Driving and having fun – Drive every year to Back to the Fifties in St Paul MN (From Madison, WI) – This year rained mostly all day on the way home and wipers worked great!

~ 283 miles interstate driving one way. Drives and rides very nice.


















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