1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport

Drivers side, burlap and cotton just plain worn out.
The new foam instructions imply to NOT use the burlap or cotton. I found out the hard way. I used the burlap and cotton. My seats sit up just a little higher than I would like them to. Next time I will do a little more research, or follow directions.
Back shot of the springs.

Passager side, Not much wear and tear here!
Still I should have not installed the new foam over this burlap and cotton.
The directions say to install the foam without the burlap and cotton.
The seat sits up a little too high with the new foam in place.

Side of the passanger seat.
I had a broken support spring here, half way up on the side. A peice of old spring fixed it up. The passenger side had two support springs broken. The drivers side however had several support pieces broken on both sides and bottom. These broken pieces were replaced by doaner springs from a local upulstry store.

The old foam. Limp and well worn!

The old foam again. This time with old popcorn!
The popcorn came with the car!

Torn and worn burlap on the drivers side.

Bottom shot of the springs!

Where the head rests go!

Drivers side, OPPS
An old towel did a great job of replacing the worn and torn buralp/cotton. To do it again I would not do this. The instructions for the new foam implyed not to use the burlap and cotton. I did, and the seats sit just a little high, I felt kind of tall in the saddle. I latter removed this piece of towel.

Old plastic seat parts
Paint does a great job on these parts. I have been using a vinyl paint made by plasti-kote. "ultra VINYL COLOR". It goes on great and does not run easy. I've had good luck with thick coats. Cleaning the parts prior to painting with brush, soap and water. Do not use acetone or denatured alcohol, it ruins the plastic texture. Rubbing alcohol from the drug store works ok, but soap and water did a pretty good job. Be sure it's clean or the paint will flake off. A good cleaning goes a long way!

New foam and finished bottom.
All major pieces were purchace from Ames Performance Engineering - Classic pontiac Parts . They offerd very good quality product at a price I could afford. I am on a budget! I am cheap! The cost of upustry was about half of other sources. (spring 97). I went for the complete foam set, Seat covers, carpet, sound insulation, front arm rest pads and dash gauge walnut wood grain panel.

Also I installed a dash cover from DASHTOP. It looks great! The alterntive was to take the dash apart, send in the old dash pad with brakets. Pay $550.00. Then reinstall. after a gizillion hours of hard labor I would have had a perfect dash pad. However I am on a budget of both time and money. This dash cap cost $99.00 and looks great for a driver. I am very pleased with the dash cap.
New and old, side by side.
I went with the black GTO seats even though it's a Lemans. Mainly because of availabilty.
However The car is a SPORT version and came with bucket seats... so it's a natural conversion.
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