Some time around the end of August 98 the ole Pontiac blew both head caskets.

Pontiac's can take a beating, but when it comes to driving about six miles with the temperature light on....
Here's some pictures and info from rebuilding the 1970 Pontiac 350...

We got the book and we're ready to take this puppy apart!

Even Mom got into the act when it came time to remove the engine.

Just plain YUCK! I bought the car with 80 to 90 thousand miles on the motor.
The car had ~224,000
So it was ready for a rebuild even if we didn't blow the head gaskets.
The vacuum gauge flickered quite a bit, indicating the valves were probably in need of repair.
Also a quart of oil was needed about every third tank of gas.
However it did run pretty good... "in a cloud of smoke, and a hardy..."
well lets just say it smoked a little

Another picture of YUCK! Lots-o-grime everywhere!....

Here's what it looks like after the head gasket blows, but the water pump still works just fine.

With the help of a hidden camera I took a picture of this Elf helping with engine repairs.

We worked real hard cleaning the grime off the block.
I learned real quick it was wasted time... I had to have the block checked for cracks anyway.
The cylinders were done 60 over and the crank and 20 under.
I also had a mild performance cam and double roller timing chain installed.
No cracks!
The short block was completed by Badger Engine builders, Madison, WI

We thought about doing a cheap value job ourselves, using the drill to grind the valves, etc...
The value guides really needed to be worked on, so I gave $n.
However I did not have the hardened value seats installed.
The old valve seats did not show anything but normal wear and were not that bad.
Most of the cars life, even up to 1994 (Arizona) or so was run on leaded gas.
I will let all know "someday" what my valves look like after I pick up different heads.
NOTE: The valve seats looked good after disassembly October 2005
I tend to run about every other tank of gas with lead substitute.
Weaver Auto in Madison, WI (Odana Road) completed the value job.
They have a small machine shop close to my home and take credit cards.
The shop proprietor (Paul) was very informative and friendly.
Just a happy, greasy, dirty, cleaning fool!

I can tell this guy has cruzing on his mind!
But this guys got the keys!

Installed a Edlebrock Performer intake.
Replaced the distributor with a NAPA stock replacement.
Works great, even at high RPM's (45mph in first gear - I don't have a tack)
I did hook up a remote dwell meter.. No fluctuations at higher rpm"s
I've put about 1500 miles on the rebuild. (Fall 1998)
Runs great!